Happy Anniversary I Love Lucy!

Iconic TV show "I Love Lucy" premiered on this day, October 15, in 1951, and Lucille Ball's titular character quickly charmed her way into America's hearts. By May of 1952, TIME magazine reported that the show had already set a world record as "the first regularly scheduled TV program to be seen in 10 million U.S. homes." For four of its six seasons, it was the most watched show in the United States, and it was the first to air at the top of the Nielsen ratings.

63 years later, it's still known as a breakthrough for women in comedy, and a beloved sitcom. In 2012, ABC News viewers voted "I Love Lucy" the Best TV Show of All Time. Lucy's ambitions beyond domestic life and her slapstick comedy made her a hilarious force, one that reflected the confines on women at the time, and proved that a woman could be an ingenious, profitable star of her own show. Learn more about Lucy's place in history with MAKERS: Women in Comedy, and click through the gallery above for a look back at Lucy's funniest moments.