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Happy International Women's History Month!

Happy International Women's History Month!

March is International Women’s History Month, and while we celebrate women all year round at MAKERS, we’re thrilled to participate in a larger movement for increased recognition of women and girls around the world. This month, we’ll be focusing on the power of #HerStory. 

How does #HerStory inspire history? When Oprah read Maya Angelou’s When the Caged Bird Sings, she felt empowered to embrace her identity. When Patricia Arquette told the story of a struggling single mother in Boyhood and won an Oscar for her performance, she gave a platform to the long-standing issue of wage inequality. When women tell their stories, they inspire other women to take action. And when enough women take action, society shifts for the better. 

This month on MAKERS, you’ll hear from leading women like Marlo Thomas and Girls Who Code founder Reshma Saujani on the women who inspire them. We’ll ask you who motivates you to make a difference, whether she’s your sister, mother, or Hillary Clinton. Finally, we’ll explore how you can be an everyday MAKER. There are countless ways to move women forward; by telling stories and introducing you to innovative women, MAKERS will illustrate the impact of telling #HerStory, and your story.