Happy Mother's Day! 10 Quotes From MAKERS On Their Mothers

Happy Mother's Day! MAKERS is happy to take this opportunity to honor what it means to be a mother and the impact mothers and motherhood have on the incredible women who make up MAKERS.com. 

From invaluable life lessons and walking embodiments of strength to quiet but infinite support and, of course, unconditional love, our mothers are the first MAKER we think of when we hear the word. It's no real surprise that so many groundbreaking women have had a special kind of support from the women who raised them.

Hillary Clinton attributes her most powerful strengths to her mother. Diane Von Furstenberg's mother taught her to be fearless. Alice Walker's mother showed her that she could be a woman and do anything. 

Don't just take our word for it...VIEW the touching quotes from 10 beloved MAKERS about their mothers.