Happy Valentine's Day: Dr. Ruth Shares Thoughts on Love and Relationships

Happy Valentine's Day! On this day of candy hearts and chocolates, we'll help you add something even sweeter to your day: Dr. Ruth Westheimer's take on love and relationships in today's world.

You may have seen or heard this 4'11" ball of fire with a German accent on your television or radio providing callers with candid and factual sex and relationship guidance, and now MAKER Dr. Ruth shares five views on this Valentine's Day that can shine a light on your love life.

1. Put the cell phones away.

A couple holding hands while texting other people will lose their ability to connect with each other when the phones aren't there. Dr. Ruth understands that you're not going to permanently turn off your phone, but it's important to spend some time communicating with your loved ones without it.

2. Dress appropriately.

Dr. Ruth says that the libido is a very powerful thing, and often times young girls and women don't really realize this and dress in ways that might provoke the libido when that might not be their intention. To avoid receiving Valentines from unwanted admirers, take Dr. Ruth's advice.

3. Become "sexually literate".

There is so much scientific data about sex that so many people are not familiar with. Dr. Ruth says that a couple should try to learn some of the basic science behind sex in order to more thoroughly understand why things happen the way they do.

4. Take responsibility.

Dr. Ruth has been trying to send the message for years that women need to take responsibility for their own sexual satisfaction. Fortunately, she says it seems more women have been heeding her message.

5. Learn to laugh with the truth.

Dr. Ruth is all about the "teachable moment," and often times there's no moment more teachable than one filled with humor. There's usually truth in what we find funny, so if you can laugh while you learn, it makes learning about yourself a lot easier and more fun.

Happy Valentine's Day!