HBO Is Developing ‘Battle of the Sexes’ Film Starring Elizabeth Banks as Billie Jean King

After announcing a miniseries about the creation of Ms. Magazine with Marisa Tomei starring as Gloria Steinem, Variety reveals HBO will be telling another feminist story. Currently in development, the film about tennis champion Billie Jean King’s historic “Battle of the Sexes” against Bobby Riggs will star Elizabeth Banks as King and Paul Giamatti as Riggs. 

Billie Jean King also founded the Women’s Tennis Association in 1970. “We wanted any girl born in the world, if she is good enough, there is a place for her to play and make a living,” King said in her MAKERS video.

So when former #1 player Bobby Riggs challenged King to a match in 1973, she knew she had to play and win, to show the world the legitimacy of women’s tennis. “I was going to run him into the ground,” King told MAKERS. As 50 million people watched on TV, King won the match in straight sets. “It wasn’t about tennis, it was about history,” King said. “It was about social change.”