5 Women Who Would Make Awesome Running Mates for Hillary Clinton

By Hillary Kelly

As the clock ticks closer to November's election (yes, we promise, it’s coming) new questions emerge about how exactly things will shake out in the next five-plus months. Are there any skeletons left in either candidates’ closet? What level of intensity will this battle of the sexes reach? And who will stand beside Trump and Clinton as their running mates?

Some reports from Trump's camp seem to indicate he has already chosen a VP, although it's unclear if he has even notified the person in question. The merry-go-round is also in full swing for Hillary Clinton, with The New York Times writing that her search is really about chemistry, and that "a running mate whose company Mrs. Clinton genuinely enjoys could help present a joyful picture to voters, after a primary season that was sometimes dreary."

There's usually only female name spoken with any enthusiasm: Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. There’s good reason Warren is included — she's a progressive icon, and her forthright manner has earned her accolades among those who are tired of politics as usual. Warren is a liberal star. But she isn’t the only progressive woman who is igniting change within the party, and yet it’s Sherrod Brown, Cory Booker, Julian Castro, and a slew of other XY chromosomes dominating the coverage. These lists — and news that Warren will speak at the Democratic convention on Monday — make it more and more clear that while the country (or half of it, at least) is on board with the idea of a female president, an all-female ticket is an idea too radical to consider.

We’ve had 44 pairs of dudes running things for the past 240 years. Is it really so revolutionary for two women to hold the highest offices at once? I’d hope not, but then again, this is a political system currently supporting a reality show host gone rogue, so perhaps it’s to be be expected.

So in an effort to knock some equality back into this circus, here are five women, besides Elizabeth Warren, who have the experience and the tenacity to join Hillary Clinton on her path to win the White House.

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Photo Credit: Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call