7 Moments When Hillary Clinton Made Pantsuits Look Awesome

Hillary Clinton's campaign site now has an online shop — because what's a presidential campaign without some fun swag?

Memorabilia in the modern age has evolved past buttons and bumper stickers. Some of the campaign items in Clinton's store include an embroidered pillow with the quote, "A woman's place is in the White House," a tee-shirt with her famous quote, "Women's rights are human rights," and plenty of standard items adorned with her campaign logo.

And leave it to Clinton to give a special shout-out to what might be her favorite fashion trend of all time: the pantsuit. You can purchase an "Everyday Pantsuit Tee" for $30 from the website. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with matching bottoms, but that just gives you more room to be creative.

With that said, take a look back at some of Hillary Clinton's finest moments where she effortlessly rocked a power suit. 



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Photo Credit: AP Photo/Susan Walsh