How Sisters Serena and Venus Williams Became the Ultimate Power Duo

As we prepare for this weekend's Australian Open final, in which MAKER Serena Williams will compete with sister Venus Williams in yet another historic match, the MAKERS team cannot help but admire the duo's talent, strength, and (above all else) bond.

Growing up in Compton, the Williams sisters played tennis with their father. Eventually the sport became a huge part of their lives — not just a hobby, but a career.

After years of practice, they both began competing in matches together and individually.

Today, the sisters' trophy cases hold an impressive (to say the least) number of titles and awards. Serena holds 21 grand slams, 69 singles titles, 6 U.S. Open wins, 4 gold medals, 6 Wimbledon trophies, 6 Australian Open trophies, 22 doubles titles, 3 French Opens, 2 mixed doubles, and a career golden slam. What's also impressive? Venus holds 43 singles titles, 19 doubles titles, and 4 gold medals.

Click through the gallery above to see the evolution of these tennis champions. From childhood to adulthood, Venus and Serena make for one undeniable power duo.

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Photo Credit: Michael Dodge via Getty Images