Inside the MAKERS Bay Area Screening

On a beautiful Tuesday evening, MAKERS visited Silicon Valley, hosting a gathering on the stunning grounds of the Rosewood Hotel in Menlo Park. Many of our Bay Area MAKERS mingled and met amidst the candlelit ambience. Stories were shared. Videos were watched. Tears were shed. Hugs were exchanged. Tweets were outpouring. Empowerment and inspiration filled the room. MAKER Gloria Steinem reminded everyone in the room to keep women's stories relevant. Our founding partner Simple Facial SkincareĀ® shared just how meaningful MAKERS is to them. And our Executive Producer Dyllan McGee once again conveyed why her heart and passion is in this groundbeaking multi-platform project that preserves the human stories of the women who make America.


Check out the gallery for some pictures from the event.


Many of our Bay Area MAKERS were in attendance-- Priya Haji and her son Zen, Gina Bianchini, Tiffany Shlain, Aileen Hernandez, Whitney Smith, Gloria Steinem, Lisa Stone, Amanda Haas, Jane Chen, Heather Fleming, Esta Soler and Amy Richards.

MAKER Aileen Hernandez and MAKER Amy Richards find a moment to connect outside.

MAKERS Esta Soler and Gloria Steinem together before the screening.

MAKER Heather Fleming

MAKER Amanda Haas

Executive Producer Dyllan McGee conveys her excitement for MAKERS and all of the extraordinary women in the room.

James Schwab, Simple's Senior Brand Manager shares Simple's passion for MAKERS.

MAKER Gloria Steinem and Executive Producer Dyllan McGee get emotional while watching a MAKERS video.

MAKER Priya Haji shows off her adorable son Zen to MAKER Jane Chen.

MAKER Gloria Steinem enjoying some lively conversation.

The room quiets as we watch MAKER Gloria Steinem's story.