Inside the Next MAKERS Awards Party

After a nationwide search and over 1200 inspirational submissions, MAKERS proudly announced last Monday night the names of the six extraordinary women who will join as the Next MAKERS -- Colonel Jill Chambers, Olivia Joy Stinson, Anna Rodriguez, Reshma Saujani, Emily May and Lydia Cincore-Templeton. These women will also receive a $10,000 grant from Simple®.


To celebrate the announcement, MAKERS gathered friends, media, and several New York City MAKERS at the Gramercy Park Hotel to welcome the Next MAKERS with hugs, conversation, and a lot of wisdom.


These six women from across the country follow in the footsteps of over one hundred female pioneers and leaders, six of whom personally passed on their legacy as well a MAKERS Award during the candle-lit evening presentation. MAKER Marlo Thomas began the presentation by delightedly passing the award to 19-year old Olivia Stinson of North Carolina, who created a book club for children of incarcerated parents at the ripe age of 13; MAKER Robin Morgan presented the award to Girls Who Code Founder and the first South Asian to run for Congress, Reshma Saujani of New York; MAKER Brenda Berkman presented the award to fellow 9/11 responder and PTSD advocate Col. Jill Chambers of Washington, DC; MAKER Amy Richards presented the award to foster youth advocate Lydia Cincore-Templeton of Los Angeles; MAKER Faith Ringgold presented the award to human trafficking activist Anna Rodriguez of Florida, and MAKER Kathrine Switzer wrapped up the evening by presenting the award to street harassment fighter Emily May of New York's Hollaback! by reminding people that she too was harassed on the street, when she attempting to run the Boston Marathon, which at the time was an all-male event.


The Next MAKERS had a busy couple days in New York, filming their MAKERS videos, posing for photos, and attending an intimate dinner, where Alison Clark, Director, Unilever US, Skincare, personally presented each Next MAKER with a $10,000 grant from Simple Facial Skincare. We will share with you behind the scenes glimpses of production as well as more information of the six Next MAKERS, so keep checking back on the MAKERS blog to watch their journey to


Much more to come on the women, as we lead up to the release of the MAKERS videos in December.





Next MAKERS Reshma Saujani (Girls Who Code) and Emily May (Hollaback!) celebrate with their awards.

MAKER Brenda Berkman chats with Maureen Sullivan, SVP and General Manager of Women's and Lifestyle Content, AOL.

Next MAKER Col. Jill Chambers enjoys some conversation with Alison Clark, Director, Unilever US, Skincare, and Executive Producer Dyllan McGee.

Olivia Stinson and Reshma Saujani celebrate their Next MAKER Awards.

Three MAKERS! Brenda Berkman, Faith Ringgold, and Amy Richards.

Next MAKER Emily May chats with Unilever's Alison Clark, who presented each of the Next MAKERS with $10,000 checks from Simple.

Executive Producers Betsy West and Dyllan McGee share a moment of celebration.

The awards presentation is about to begin!

MAKERS Founder and Executive Producer Dyllan McGee welcomes everyone and shares her passion for MAKERS.

Alison Clark shares how excited Simple is to welcome the 6 Next MAKERS into the MAKERS family.

Olivia Stinson, Reshma Saujani, and Col. Jill Chambers watch the presentation.

MAKER Marlo Thomas began the awards presentation with laughter and memories of That Girl.

MAKER Marlo Thomas presented the first award to Next MAKER Olivia Joy Stinson.

MAKER Robin Morgan shared her thoughts on the past, present, and future of the women's movement.

MAKER Robin Morgan presented the award to Girls Who Code Founder Reshma Saujani.

MAKER Brenda Berkman presented the award to Next MAKER Col. Jill Chambers.

MAKER Faith Ringgold spoke to an enraptured room.

MAKER Faith Ringgold presents the award to Next MAKER Anna Rodriguez.

MAKER Amy Richards presents the award to Next MAKER Lydia Cincore-Templeton.

MAKER Kathrine Switzer presents the award to Next MAKER Emily May.

Everyone in the room applauds the Next MAKERS.

It's official! Meet the six Next MAKERS -- Olivia Stinson, Reshma Saujani, Lydia Cincore-Templeton, Emily May, Col. Jill Chambers, and Anna Rodriguez.

MAKERS and the six Next MAKERS

The Next MAKERS are welcomed into a crowd of MAKERS.

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