This New Book Highlights Iran's Promising Feminist Movement

As an Islamic state that limits its citizen's freedom of speech and expression, it's difficult to uphold Iran as a global model for activism.

But despite these limitations, Iran is proving to be at the crux of the modern-day feminist movement. Scholar and Iranian in self-imposed exile, Nina Ansary spoke with to discuss her debut book, "Jewels of Alloh: The Untold Story of Women in Iran."

In her book, Ansary seeks to reveal the hidden story of Iran's feminist roots, ranging from the country's historic beginnings to the budding new-age movement. Ansary's hope was to debunk misleading news headlines and stories that skew the representation of Iran in the media. 

She sighted her own shortcomings and misunderstandings on the topic as a starting point for her work, explaining to Mic, "The narrative of Iran and the history of my country came mostly from Western media. When I delved into the movement of women's rights I realized how little I knew."

Click through the gallery above to learn about three Iranian women who have blazed their own paths and redefined feminism in Iran.  

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Photo Credit: Reza Estakhrian via Getty Images