It's Women's History Month! Share Your Story With MAKERS

Let's make history during Women's History Month!


Tuesday night, you watched the documentary MAKERS: Women Who Make America, which tells the story of how women have helped shape America over the last 50 years through the women’s movement, built from first-person, intimate accounts of women who experienced this time of change and confronted the dramatic social upheaval in their own lives. You also joined us for a lively, passionate, and vibrant conversation on Facebook and on Twitter using the hashtag #MAKERSchat. (More than 38,000 tweets were exchanged, and we were a trending topic!)


The women’s stories also live on, which continues to grow each week to include first-person stories from the next generation of women who affect society in new and profound ways. 


Now is your chance to share your story.  In the spirit of Women's History Month, MAKERS wants to document our history as women. So, grab a camera, grab your iPad, and film your own MAKERS story. Tell us your history. Tell us what makes you a MAKER—the journey you’ve taken, the obstacles you have faced, how you tackled them, and the triumphs in your life. We have added a feature to so you can upload a video for review by the MAKERS team! If your video is approved, it will be added to our My MAKERS Story YouTube account.


To upload your story, click on the Upload My MAKERS Story link in the header bar on this page!


We can’t wait to hear from you.