Ivanka Trump Wants to Evolve Our Definition of Work

“Technology has enabled us all to have one life rather than separate professional and home lives,” Ivanka Trump told Marie Claire. “I think that image of a working woman, which is so antiquated and quite laughable to anyone actually in the workforce, is still what’s being shown in pop culture and advertising. So I asked a bunch of my friends to tell me what work looks like to them.”

The result is a campaign that redefines work, acknowledging that work and life can be the same; it’s not an either-or decision when you pursue your passion. 

Women Who Work profiles women and their “extended job titles,” aiming to take a more holistic look at the idea of an “occupation.” Goldieblox founder Debbie Sterling is training for a triathlon, Nadine Burke Harris, founder and CEO of the Center for Youth Wellness, is also teaching her two-year-old son to speak Spanish and creating a healthy home for her family of five.

“Women today are working, hard, not only in their careers but in their lives outside the office,” Trump explains in her introductory note. She invites everyone to consider their extended job title, and film a short video, tagging #WomenWhoWork. See some examples here, then give yourself a bit of credit for all that you do, encouraging your friends to do the same.