Jennifer Lopez is Becoming Superwoman by Banking on Herself

Jennifer Lopez is a singer, actress, mother, fashion designer, and more—but now she’s adding superwoman to the list. 

In a January cover story for SELF magazine, she said, “I want to prove to everyone that I can do everything and be a superwoman.” In the article, J. Lo defies limitations as she moves from a Today Show interview to dance rehearsal to the recording studio. 

In 2015, she’ll also continue her role as a judge on “American Idol,” create a program for women with health and fitness company BodyLab, and star as a police detective in the upcoming TV show “Shades of Blue.” She’s also starring in “The Boy Next Door,” a film about a 19-year-old boy who falls in love with the married suburban mom next door resulting in Fatal Attraction, flipped. 

Jennifer Lopez

Photos by Alexi Lumbomirski

Lopez is wise to the significance of the role reversal in the film, telling SELF, “All the old clichés about women need to be undone. Enough already. We’re in the other position now. We are desirable older, we can date younger guys and it’s not this big taboo. Men have been doing this for years, and it’s no big deal.”

Not only does she star in the film, but Lopez also executive produced it. She credits the increased marketplace value of women-centric films for the opportunity. Once upon a time, “People would have been like, ‘Oh, a female driven movie. I don’t know if we want to do that,” Lopez admitted. “But now we can just go do it ourselves. All I have to do is bank on myself, which I’m in the business of doing.” 

Go, J.Lo! Her interview goes on newsstands nationwide December 23. Read more on SELF, and learn more about leaning in from Sheryl Sandberg:


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