Karlie Harman and Sam Gordon Join 'Like a Girl' Campaign

During the flag football championships in the week leading up to Super Bowl XLIX, football players Karlie Harman and Sam Gordon sat down with Always to talk about their love of football and what it means to play like a girl. The conversation is part of Always’ #LikeaGirl campaign to “make sure that girls everywhere keep their confidence throughout puberty and beyond,” and dispel the myth that doing anything “like a girl” is negative. 

“Girls can do things just as well as boys, and sometimes even better than boys. So when people say, ‘Oh, you tackle like a girl,’ we’re going to make it seem like a good thing instead of as a bad thing,” Sam explained. 

Overall, the #LikeaGirl campaign has achieved a series of exciting firsts. When its 60-second ad aired after Katy Perry’s halftime show, #LikeaGirl marked the first time a feminine care product has been advertised during the Super Bowl. Director Lauren Greenfield, a documentarian who also directed the award-winning “Queen of Versailles,” is the first female director to be nominated for a DGA Commercial Director of the Year award. According to a study conducted by Adobe, #LikeaGirl was the top digital campaign of the Super Bowl, garnering the most mentions across social networks. 84 percent of those mentions were positive. 

Inventive, empowering ads have been around for a while now, but #LikeaGirl signifies that 2015 could take them to the next level. We’re excited to see what’s next.