Kathy Griffin Will Replace Joan Rivers on "Fashion Police"

Kathy Griffin wrote a touching tribute to her friend Joan Rivers after the legendary comedian’s death in September. She began: “It's hard to know where to begin with how Joan Rivers changed my life, but I do know I would not be doing what I do if it weren't for Joan.” Griffin went on to describe how Rivers impacted stand-up comedy as a whole, detailing the bravery it took to forge such a new path.

After recognizing her friend’s legacy, Griffin now has the opportunity to continue it. On Monday, E! announced that Griffin will be the new host of “Fashion Police,” stepping into Joan Rivers’ critical stilettos.

"I get it! These are some big shoes I'm going to fill," Griffin said in the announcement. "Joan was truly one of a kind. Now I hope you will accept me for me. I'm just Kathy. Did I say I'm just Kathy? I meant I'm Kathy F***ing Griffin and you celebrities better strap yourself in, as I am taking no prisoners. I am not holding back so DAMMIT let's have some fun!"

Melissa Rivers said the choice of Griffin just felt right, and she’s excited to see how the panel steers the series her mother “so adored.”

When the show returns in January for coverage of the Golden Globes, Griffin will join veteran panelists Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic, as well as fellow newcomer, stylist Brad Goreski.

On Monday, December 8, Griffin will follow in Rivers’ footsteps again when she becomes our newest MAKER. Stay tuned for her story here, and watch both of them in MAKERS: Women in Comedy.

h/t CBS News