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Katy Perry Is Now Officially the Most-Followed Person On Twitter

Katy Perry Is Now Officially the Most-Followed Person On Twitter

Most of us are pretty proud that we have a few hundred — or even a couple thousand, if we're really, really lucky — followers on Twitter. But Katy Perry has blown by the rest of us mere mortals, setting a Twitter record for 90 million followers and making herself the most-followed person on Twitter ever. 

Twitter personally congratulated her — the abundance of emoji is the social-media equivalent of sending her a dozen roses:

Ninety. Million. There are 310 million active users. That means that 1 out of every 3.4 people follows the pop superstar. Granted, some of them might be bots, but that's still pretty darn impressive.

Right behind her: Justin Bieber, with 83.9 million followers. Then there's Taylor Swift with 79 million; President Obama, who has 75.8 million; and, kind of surprisingly, YouTube, which is much further behind the pack with 62.7 million followers (amazing bio, BTW: "lol watch this").

Is it because of #relatable tweets like this?


Katy, if you read this, please tell us what your secret is (other than, you know, being you).

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Photo Credit: Tony Barson/FilmMagic

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