Kevin Spacey on the Power of the Arts for Women

As we at MAKERS talk often about women in Hollywood, it comes as a breath of fresh air when a successful man in Hollywood speaks up for our cause. That's why last week's interview of Kevin Spacey by professional development site Levo League was a joy to watch.

Interviewed on the set of his hit show House of CardsSpacey shares about his love of mentoring and passion for sending the elevator back down for others to come up. As a gay man in Hollywood, he believes those who've had success must constantly stay on the lookout for others who are working hard for that success as well. 

Inspired by his mentor Jack Lemmon, Spacey has launched initiatives to help emerging artists get their start in the competitive worlds of film and theatre, like The Kevin Spacey Foundation which offers support to young actors, writers and producers.

In the interview, Spacey recalls one special workshop in Abu Dhabi, where they demanded participants all be women. He gives an example of calling on a shy but very engaged young girl who gave a monologue about an abused woman from the 1991 film Fried Green Tomatoes. Spacey notes how after a few times, the girl's performance grows in authenticity and power and a voice to say things she normally can't. 

"Arts and culture can be so powerful and extraordinary," says Spacey. "Particularly for women, in places where women are treated like second-class citizens often." 

Spacey gave her - and thousands of others of women and young people around the world - a chance, a moment to shine, that fills them with confidence that they never knew they had. And we, Mr. Spacey, are very grateful.

You can watch the full interview with Spacey here.

And tune in to Levo League for their "Office Hours" video series in which they interview leaders of different industries, from advertising CEOs to entrepreneurs to hairstylists, all giving personal advice to young professionals.