LearnVest Founder Alexa Von Tobel on How to Face Your Fears

On Wednesday, Fortune announced that New York financial planning startup LearnVest would be acquired by Northwestern Mutual for more than $250 million in cash. 

Founded by Alexa von Tobel, LearnVest launched in 2009, initially aiming to help women with financial planning. Today, its services are marketed for both men and women, and LearnVest serves about 1.5 million users. “I really felt the need to help empower people to have the best financial plans that they can,” von Tobel told MAKERS. She also had some advice for entrepreneurs everywhere:

“If you really look [fear] in the face, and you think, ‘What’s the worst consequence?’ You know, you’re still alive, you’re still healthy, you still have food and shelter—I think that really helps everything melt away and really gets you to focus on solving the problems and not worrying about failing. You’re not really innovating if you’re not failing a lot.”