Locating Women in Technology

Tomorrow will mark the end of the “Interactive” portion of South by Southwest, an annual technology, music and film festival located in Austin, Texas. This year, numerous panels and discussions focused on the topic of “Women in Tech,” providing tips and information on how to decrease the large gender gap persisting in the tech industry.


Marissa Mayer, provides some insight into why this gap has persisted for so long.  She claims that without being able to see many women in her field, it was hard for her to imagine the “everyday” of a woman in technology. As the first female engineer at Google, Mayer has become a groundbreaker in an industry still largely populated by men.


The video above features Marissa Mayer discussing the still large (yet decreasing) gap between men and women enrolling in computer science programs, a discipline that has become highly valued in today’s digital economy.  For Mayer, this imbalance will right itself and is even inevitable in the future – the daily use and mass reach of technology means that it has become more accessible for a larger amount of people. As technology use grows, it becomes a regular feature in the lives of both men and women, decreasing the likelihood of gender stereotypes or stigma being attached to the technology industry.


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