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MAKERS Launches in China!

MAKERS China Yang Lan

MAKERS has gone global!

We are thrilled to announce that in partnership with Yang Lan, a broadcast journalist and founder of Sun Media Group – also known as "China's Oprah" – MAKERS has launched in China. We're excited to highlight and celebrate ten trailblazing Chinese women and be able to reach hundreds of millions of new viewers with inspiring stories from incredible women.

Yang Lan, one of China’s leading broadcast journalists, media entrepreneurs and philanthropists, has been a strong and effective advocate for Chinese women around the world, and is often credited with influencing the social, economic and cultural transformation underway for the modern Chinese woman. 

“The stories of extraordinary Chinese women should be told...There’s a strong need for an inspirational platform like MAKERS in China. The ethos of MAKERS transcends geographic borders.”

You can watch Yang Lan's story and learn more about MAKERS in China at

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