MAKERS November: Season of Gratitude

"I stand on the shoulders of women who marched before me." - Maria Shriver

This November MAKERS celebrates trailblazing women for whom we're grateful and the groundbreakers who inspired them. Click on the Map of Gratitude and discover who inspires each MAKER below. Remember to share with friends and family using #MAKERSthanks.

Map of Gratitude

As Madeleine Albright has said, "There's a special place in hell for women who don't support other women." Well, MAKERS November is all about women who HAVE supported or inspired other women. Like how Gloria Steinem looks to the late Geraldine Ferraro for "upping the ante" in taking the "White Male Only" sign off the door. While Gloria Steinem looks up to Geraldine Ferraro, women like Oscar-winning screenwriter Callie Khouri and CEO Bonnie Schaefer look up to Gloria. Inspiration goes full circle.

November also means three new MAKERS: Director, Julie Taymor; Artistic director of Alvin Ailey, Judith Jamison; and comedian, Margaret Cho. We're excited to share their stories with you as we forge onward in creating the largest collection of women's stories ever assembled.  

So join us this month in showing gratitude for the women who encourage us to do better today and continue to strive for an improved tomorrow.

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