MAKERS Presents Post-Lunch Food for Thought

This fall, MAKERS will premiere six documentaries about women who have broken new ground and reshaped American institutions in the fields of Comedy, Hollywood, Politics, War, Space and Business.

In anticipation of the films, we’ll be sharing Afternoon Inspiration from women featured in our docs. You’ll hear some of the most candid commentary, smartest success strategies and empowering calls to action from 63 trailblazing women via MAKERS' Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest platforms.

Today, we kick off the campaign with a quote from the iconic Joan Rivers, a woman celebrated for her fearlessness and confidence in candor.  She helped define what it means to be a woman in comedy; we are proud to call her a MAKER.


Look for Martina Navratilova, Connie Chung, and Gloria Steinem this coming week! And check out the trailer for the documentaries here.