MAKERS Take On the Ice Bucket Challenge

Over the past couple weeks, you’ve probably seen a few of your friends dump buckets of water on themselves. The “ice bucket challenge,” was created to raise awareness for ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease. People who accept the ice bucket challenge post a video of the chilly experience online and then nominate their friends or celebrities to do the same. If the challenged people don’t accept, or if they fail to post their video within 24-hours, they have to donate cash to ALS research. The combination of enticing schadenfreude and viral social media has resulted in a spike of donations for ALS charities, with more than $1 million raised over the weekend.

Our executive producer Dyllan Mcgee challenged MAKERS Sheryl Sandberg and Brenda Berkman to do the ice bucket challenge, and like champs, they accepted! Martha Stewart said the ice water was “not so bad,” and challenged fellow domestic goddesses Blake Lively, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Ellen Degeneres to take it on. We hear Oprah is next…and we'll keep you updated. See our MAKERS’ varied reactions below!






Katie Couric is surrounded by buff men during her ice bucket challenge:

Oprah offers to loan Dame Helen Mirren her ice bucket, should the dame lack one of her own:


"I've officially become your dancing monkey," Kara Swisher says as she prepares to participate in her first Internet Meme.