MAKERS Welcomes Esta Soler, Pat Eng, Maddy DeLone, Beverly Guy-Sheftall and Renata Black!

Recently, we have welcomed 5 new women into the MAKERS community. Of the five women, two are founders of organizations dedicated to bettering the lives of others--Founder of Futures Without Violence Esta Soler and Founder of New York Asian’s Women Center Pat Eng. Along with these two groundbreaking women, prisoners’ rights attorney Maddy DeLone, pioneer of black women’s studies Beverly Guy-Sheftall and social entrepreneur Renata Black joined our collection.


Esta Soler is the current President and Founder of Futures Without Violence, a leading non-profit organization in the fight against domestic violence. Under her dedication and leadership, the organization has led anti-violence education, advocacy and prevention efforts around the world. In her interview, she discusses her first act of defiance in fifth grade and the recalls the impact of her parents taking her to see Martin Luther King Jr. speak as a teenager.


As Vice President for Grants and Capacity Building at Ms. Foundation, Pat Eng is a social worker and activist devoted to women’s issues. She discovered her life’s work when she founded The New York Asian Women’s Center, the first battered women’s shelter on the East Coast aimed specifically at immigrants. She talks about what it was like growing up as an outsider and marvels at the transformation women experience after leaving an abusive relationship.


Maddy DeLone is a prisoners’ rights attorney and serves as the Executive Director of the Innocence Project, a non-profit legal organization committed to exonerating the wrongly convicted through the use of DNA testing and criminal justice system reform. Through her determination to make an effective contribution, Maddy’s work results in releasing many innocent people from prison and death row. In her interview, she explains how she believes all people should be treated and the differences between her and her daughter when it comes to speaking up.


Groundbreaker Beverly Guy-Sheftall is well known for her pioneering contributions to black women’s studies. She is considered one of the leading African-American feminist scholars of our time and was instrumental in bringing the women’s studies movement to women of color and the voices of women of color to women’s studies. She explains her admiration for First Lady Michelle Obama and the negative affects of our culture’s obsession with motherhood.


Colombian born Renata Black is the Chairwoman of Seven Bar Foundation, a social enterprise which fuel microfinance institutions in order to combat poverty and empower women in developing countries. The foundation hosts many causes, including the top couture and luxury lingerie shows such as Lingerie New York 2012 with Sofia Vergara to raise money. She explains why she looks to Hillary Clinton as a role model and the struggles she experienced growing up in Colombia.