Martha Stewart's Advice for a Fabulous Career

On Monday, MAKERS' executive producer Dyllan McGee interviewed Martha Stewart on all things Halloween at an AOL BUILD session devoted to the lifestyle mogul's new web series, "Shriek or Chic: Martha's Haute Halloween Challenge." We learned that Martha's favorite treat is peanut brittle, and one of her most memorable costumes was Little Bo Peep, an outfit completed by a little crook wrapped in satin. Her favorite Halloween memory is from her school's lantern parade that culminated in a bonfire. "We had like a 400-foot inferno," she told a rapt audience.

But the best part of Martha's presentation was at the end when she talked about her mentors and gave some stellar career advice, prompted by a question from The Muse's Editor-in-chief. "Really try to find a job where it's fun to get up and get out the door, no matter what time," she said. And don't be afraid to make a change in order to find that job. "My other motto is when you're through changing, you're through," Martha added. 

By the time she was 40, Martha already had three careers: as an institutional broker on Wall Street, a catering company owner, and the founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. She embraces transition: "Every single one of those careers has been just another stepping stone to an even more fabulous career."

Get more inspiration from Martha in our upcoming Women in Business documentary, airing on PBS at 9/8c, October 28 and watch her MAKERS interview below.