Meet Guinness World Record-Breaking Women

Johanna Quaas is the world's oldest gymnast, competing in an amateur league in Saxony, Germany. She's 87 years old and still somersaults with the best of them. She entered her first competition at age 56 and has since become an 11-time artistic gymnastics champion. Quaas makes it happen by committing herself to an exercise regime that includes a combination of running and yoga. Though Haas does impressively on the floor, she's especially strong on parallel bars, which you can see her doing here:

Other less-traditional record holders range from Christmas tree chopping to collective mural painting. Since today is Guiness World Record Day, we though we should introduce you to a few unique and talented record-breaking women. Click through to see their skills!

Featured photo via Guinness World Records


Farthest Distance Climbed Inverted Up a Pole in One Minute Nele Bruckman, from Germany, climbed more than 31 feet, upside down! Photo via Guinness World Records

Largest Collection of Rubber Ducks Charlotte Lee has 5,631 rubber ducks as of April 10, 2011. She's been collecting since 1996. Photo via Guinness World Records

Most Christmas Trees Chopped in Two Minutes Erin Lavoie chopped down 27 trees in two minutes. You can see her do it here, to the dulcet tones of "Feliz Navidad." Photo via Guinness World Records

Most Juice Extracted from Grapes by Treading in Two Minutes Martina Servaty extracted over four gallons of juice in two minutes. And though Kelly Ripa tried to best her, Servaty is still the title-holder. Photo via Guinness World Records

Most Tattooed Senior Citizen (Female) At 77, Isobel Varley is the most-tattooed senior in the world. She waited until her late 40s to get her first one, but now 76% of her body is covered in ink. Photo via Guinness World Records

Largest Spray-Painted Mural by Multiple Artists 100 international female street artists came together for an event called "Femme Fierce." They set the world record for the largest spray-painted mural by multiple artists. They painted London's Leake Street tunnel (made famous by Banksy) pink, then each artist added their own piece of the mural. You can see video of the process here.