Melinda Gates Talks #NoCeilings, Her Relationship with Bill, and Her Life's Mission at AOL BUILD

On Tuesday, Melinda Gates joined MAKERS executive producer Dyllan McGee for the AOL Build series to talk about her work empowering women and girls and celebrate the launch of her MAKERS profile. 

She spoke about her efforts to bring contraception to 120 million women by 2020, remembering the the moment a woman in Nairobi made the importance of this mission clear to her. “She told me, ‘I want every good thing for this child before I have another one,’” Gates said.


Gates also expanded on her work with #NoCeilings, a partnership between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Clinton Foundation. The project looked at 1.8 million data points on gender inequality globally. “Only by having that data do we see what progress we’ve made and how far we have to go,” Gates said. 

She ended the conversation on a lighter note, as she completed MAKERS’ “lightning round” of quick questions. When McGee asked, “iPad or notepad?” Gates kept her cool—and her allegiance to her husband—“Surface,” she said, referencing Microsoft’s tablet. Then she laughed, “I’m not really good at following the rules.” 


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