Meryl Streep’s Next Role: ‘Suffragette’

This year will be filled with powerful female protagonists, and we can’t wait. 

After announcements that we’ll get both a Billie Jean King biopic and a movie about the founding of Ms. Magazine, word is Meryl Streep and Carey Mulligan are now starring in “Suffragette,” a film about UK women who fought for the vote in the early-twentieth-century.

According to IndieWire, Mulligan will play Maud, a working wife and mother who joins a feminist group and begins taking great risks in the face of aggressive police reaction.

But the best part? “Suffragette” is written, produced, and directed by women. British director Sarah Gavron recently directed a documentary about a village in Northern Greenland with more dogs than people. Writer Abi Morgan wrote “The Iron Lady,” and won an Emmy for her 1950s newsroom drama “The Hour,” and producer Alison Owen was Oscar-nominated as a producer of “Elizabeth.”

Helena Bonham-Carter and Ben Wishaw will also star in the film, though no word yet on their roles. We’ll keep you updated!