More From the Red Carpet! So Many MAKERS at the "MAKERS: Women Who Make America" Premiere

Last week, MAKERS from all across the country gathered in New York City to celebrate the upcoming documentary "MAKERS: Women Who Make America," which will air on PBS February 26 8PM EST (check local listings).


While we personally think there's nothing more exciting than sitting down to peruse through the stories on, we have to admit, actually being among all these incredible women in one place was a totally different and wonderful experience.


The energy in the room was palpable. MAKERS who had a hand in the Women's Movement of the 60s and 70s like activist and author Robin Morgan and founder of Ms. magazine Letty Pogrebin mixed and mingled with newer faces like Shelby Knox and Diem Brown. Lilly Ledbetter whose fight for equal pay led to the passage of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in 2009 also made an appearance.


The Women's Movement has evolved over time, and intelligent, driven, and brave women continue to make change, evidenced by the number of fields that were represented on the red carpet. MAKERS who have made strides in education, politics, arts, science and technology were present, demonstrating just how many barriers have been broken and achievements have been made by women in the past fifty years. And considering the excitement of the young MAKERS, so much more is to come!


Fortunately, we were able capture a bit of the excitement in Lincoln Center on the step and repeat. Check out the gallery above to see MAKERS women at the premiere.


And be sure to watch the PBS broadcast premiere of MAKERS: Women Who Make America.


Photo credit: Brian Virgo/AOL


NEXT MAKERS Anna Rodriguez, Jill Chambers, and Olivia Joy Stinson.

MAKER Vivian Stringer (far left) strikes a pose.

MAKERS Courtney Martin and Dena Simmons.

Happy group of exciting young MAKERS

MAKER Malika Saada Saar

Left: Dena Simmons and Ana "Rockafella" Garcia. Center: Diem Brown. Right: Maritza Alarcon

Dyllan McGee and MAKER Amy Richards.

MAKERS Robyn Beavers and Katharine Wolf

MAKERS Barbara Smith and Faith Ringgold

MAKER Maritza Alarcon

MAKER Marie Wilson

MAKER Vivian Stringer

MAKER Diem Brown

MAKERS Pat Foote and Brenda Berkman

MAKER Shelly Lazarus

Three groundbreaking MAKERS: Carol Gilligan, Karen Nussbaum, and Robin Morgan

MAKERS Marika Clark and Courtney Martin

MAKERS Sara Hurwitz, Genevieve S. Brown, and Pamela Rief

Founder of Ms. magazine, Letty Pogrebin

MAKERS Elizabeth Gore and Claudia Chan

MAKERS Sheryl Wudunn and Zainab Salbi

MAKERS Byllye Avery and Faye Wattleton

MAKERS Cherrie Moraga and Amy Goodman

Ana "Rockafella" Garcia break dances after posing with MAKERS Majora Carter and Dena Simmons

NEXT Maker Olivia Stinson

MAKERS Monica Crowley, Whitney Smith, and Dusty Roads

MAKER Lilly Ledbetter