Mother Recreates Portraits of Feminist Icons in Empowering Photo Series Featuring Her 5-Year-Old Daughter

Jessica Solarcyzk, the 37-year-old photographer behind Sweet Serendipity Photography, had always wanted to photograph her daughter in "a take on Rosie the Riveter."

Finally, she was able to turn her 5-year-old, Emerson Rose, into the renowned feminist icon for her birthday — a gift intended for her 87-year-old grandmother.

But, this portrait of young Emerson as Rosie eventually led to a series of re-imagined photographs of her dressed up as other historical female icons.

Solarcyzk told The Huffington Post UK that her daughter told her, "I can do anything boys can do and I can do it in heels!"

And, with that, the inspiration for the impactful photo series came to be. Click through the gallery above to see some of the powerful recreations of some of our favorite feminist icons.

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Photo Credit: Sweet Serendipity Photography/Facebook