#MuslimGirl and Getty Images Team Up to Bring You These Important Images

In a partnership with Getty Images, MuslimGirl.com created a "new stock photo collection of Muslim women" that "depict us in our natural form, featuring Muslim women from diverse backgrounds, wearing or not wearing the hijab, doing the things that we normally do."

The images, which are described as "bright, cheerful, positive" photos, are taken by Muslim female photographer, Jenna Masoud, in an effort to continue to alter the way women — particularly Muslim women — are seen in the media.

"We're going to flood the internet and show the world who we really are," Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, founding Editor-in-Chief of Muslim Girl, wrote in the announcement.

View some of the photos in the gallery above.

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Photo Credit: Jenna Masoud for MuslimGirl.com