8 National Park Sites You Didn't Know Were Dedicated to Women's History

Women have long been movers and shakers throughout American history though their achievements often go unrecognized. Today, only eight of the 410 U.S. national park sites are dedicated specifically to women's history.

Find details on eight national park sites dedicated to women who made significant strides to advance women and society at large in our gallery.

In addition to these eight sites, today some elected officials have been working on establishing other national park sites dedicated to women's history. 

The Harriet Tubman National Historical Park in New York was authorized by Congress in 2014 to share more history of Tubman's later life including her accolades after the Civil War, though the park has not yet been established.

And Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland introduced legislation in August to establish the Sewall-Belmont House in Washington, D.C., to commemorate Alice Paul who founded the National Woman's Party in 1916. Her home functioned as a space for women’s equality, and now serves as a museum with some of the best resources on women's suffrage and women's rights.

We hope women's history continues to be represented in the nation's historic sites and that these spaces inspire young women to shape their own history.

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