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This New Marvel Comic Features the True Story of a Syrian Mother's Fight for Survival

This New Marvel Comic Features the True Story of a Syrian Mother's Fight for Survival

"Madaya Mom" is a comic created by Marvel and ABC News, based on the true-life experiences of a mother living with her family in the afflicted Syrian town of Madaya.

When you think of the Marvel Universe, you may think of someone with superpowers like Spider-Man or Captain America but this is a true story of one mother and her family who have been trapped for 14 months by forces loyal to the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Madaya Mom and her children are miserably caught between combatant groups in the country's civil war while also trying to survive starvation, unsanitary living conditions, and violent threats.

Marvel's editor-in-chief Axel Alonso said this comic, "goes where cameras can't and provides visuals to the true story… a story that needs to be seen and told." 

The final result is a powerful series of snapshots to illustrate the "every day horror" of living in Syria.

Dan Silver, executive producer of ABC News Digital, wants readers to know, "…with no visuals coming out of Madaya, our team spent a considerable amount of time imagining the ways we could illustrate [Madaya Mom's] powerful journey."

Ultimately, the goal of the digital comic is clear: to educate people about the conflict and terrors of the Syrian war.

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Photo Credit: Thomas Urbain/AFP/Getty Images