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These Tweets Prove #NoWomanEver Enjoys Being Harassed or Catcalled

These Tweets Prove #NoWomanEver Enjoys Being Harassed or Catcalled

This weekend, women punctuated their tweets with the hashtag #NoWomanEver to show the dreadful street harassment they regularly face and to attest that no woman ever enjoys being harassed. 

It all started with a 37 year old named CJ who goes by the Twitter handle Miss Black Awareness. She created the hashtag after an encounter with a man at a local CVS store who she says blocked her from the cash register after she ignored his advances.

Outraged, CJ took to Twitter:

Women on social media jumped in on the conversation after seeing CJ's tweets, using sarcasm to express their everyday experiences with harassment. We gathered 12 of those tweets that prove #NoWomanEver enjoys being catcalled or harassed.

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Photo Credit: Miss Black Awareness / Twitter