Not-So-Random Acts of Kindness: Powerful Women On Giving Back

"I want to always make people proud. I want to feel good about what it is I’m doing, and giving the best that I can of me.” -Vivian Stringer 

As we read reports of violence overseas and in our local cities, patches of hope may seem few and far between. How can we find solutions to prejudice and tension in order to emerge from conflict with stronger communities and happier people? One answer, our MAKERS have found, is kindness. Angela Ahrendts, the SVP of retail for Apple, talks about the values she was raised with, while Val Demings speaks on taking care of the men and women who worked for her at the Orlando Police Department. As we hear from women who work in technology, sports, social activism, and news, it's clear that kindness transcends fields of work and job titles. It's more a way of life.