One year later: Sheryl Sandberg looks back at Lean In

Lean In has sold over 1.5 million copies since its release nearly a year ago. Today, Sheryl Sandberg and Gwen Ifill discussed the journey since Lean In and what's next. 

"Everywhere I go," Sandberg said, sharing stories of the ways Lean In has changed workplace dynamics. "CEOs say to me, 'You are costing me so much money. All the women want to get paid as much as the men.'" 

She also said that young women are an important focus for and discussed the launch of their new Lean In On Campus program, which has started at Howard University.

Sandberg asked the audience how many of them had been called "bossy" as children. She declared, "We need to ban the word bossy and bring back the word femimism."

Sandberg and Ifill discussed the groundbreaking Pantene "Labels Against Women" campaign.

As Sandberg said, "I think its an amazing example of what can happen with marketing, using feminism to sell shampoo." She believes that one of the most active ways women receive messages is through marketing. "If this works, more companies will do it. It is positive and particularly strong among young women."

The video from this session is coming soon to!