#OneBostonDay Encourages Acts of Kindness and Reflects the City's Strength

Today marks the two-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has declared it "One Boston Day," an opportunity for people to celebrate the goodness that shined through during a tragic time. Walsh is asking everyone to perform one random act of kindness, and Twitter is abuzz with evidence.

“We’re asking people to try to go and help people and do something in the spirit of collaboration, the spirit of giving, and asking people throughout the city of Boston to take what was a very sad day and turn it into a very positive,” Walsh told WBZ, reports CBS Boston.

To commemorate the tragedy that occurred two years ago, people reflect upon the goodness that prevailed during the Boston Marathon bombing. On that day, Boston showed its true strength by uniting as a community to help its citizens. The acts of kindness performed exemplified the essence of “Boston Strong.”

First responders acted quickly to help those who were injured. People donated blood to further aid those who suffered injuries. Strangers opened up their homes and offered what they could to survivors. Local businesses provided shelter without looking to make a profit. The list goes on, and today’s call for random acts of kindness echoes that spirit.

Take a look at what locals have done so far to uphold the positivity of “One Boston Day.” Don’t let the kindness stop here, be sure to contribute generosity and benevolence wherever you are.  


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