#OurVoteCounts: You Can Determine the Outcome of the Election

Today is National Voter Registration Day and whether you're a political devotee or not, your voice matters and could determine the outcome of Election 2016.

And, according to Vogue, "in the 2012 election, only 64 percent of eligible women exercised their right to vote" and less than half of "eligible female young millennial voters cast a ballot."

With two very different presidential candidates to choose from, your voice may be "more important than ever" in this critical decision.

Today, MAKERS joins the #OurVoteCounts initiative with Rock the Vote, along with more than fifty other media brands for women in order to change the outcome of female voters at the polls on November 8, 2016.

But the #OurVoteCounts movement is certainly not the only one encouraging everyone to get out and cast their ballots. Click through the gallery above to see some of the other movements encouraging citizens to carry out their civic responsibilities, some of which even make it easier to do so.

So, ladies, it's up to you. But don't stress! Still need to register to vote? Do it online and take the pledge to guarantee you will rock the vote.

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Photo Credit: REUTERS/Mike Segar