Paving the Way for Gay Rights: 50 Years of Women

At 83 years old, Edith Windsor, became the plaintiff in the case that challenged the Defense of Marriage Act. On June 26, 2013, in a historic 5-4 vote, the United States Supreme Court ruled the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, a huge victory not only for Edith, but for the gay community and its supporters. 

The ruling is a huge cause for celebration for the future of gay rights as well as a moment to acknowledge those who began the fight for equal rights in a time when such a thing seemed unfathomable.

MAKERS is celebrating the women of the gay rights community in the gallery above. From a woman who bravely challenged the Nazi regime in her fight for gay rights, to Edith Windsor's most recent triumph, take a look at the women who've helped pave the way for gay rights. 

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