Motherhood in Focus: 20 Stunning Portraits of Single Moms You Need to See for Mother's Day

Mothers are often missing from family photos — mainly because they are often the ones taking them. The strength of so many mothers today is inspirational, particularly the strength of mothers who are managing their families as single parents.

Photographer Ahna Tessler started her career in photography after the birth of her twins. Though she realized how difficult it might be for working mothers to have the money, or even the time, to take photos with their children.

Tessler writes on her website: "There is a whole world of mothers who don't have the luxury to hire someone like me. I think about the mothers who live in low-income neighborhoods, single mothers in particular, who struggle to put food on the table. These women spend much of their daily lives away from their children, working low-wage jobs. In their fight to provide a better life for their children, there is certainly no room in the budget to hire a photographer. Thus, there is no proof, no tangible memories and simply no photos of them with their children." 

Now she features single moms up, front, and center in her latest collection.

View some of Tessler's photos of single moms in our gallery above and click here to see more of Tessler's photo collection "Motherhood in Focus." Tessler teamed up with to showcase the beautiful single mothers and their families and Shutterfly funded the photo books and canvasses for the mothers featured in the collection.

Tessler hopes to continue the project every Mother's Day. Contact her to learn more about how you can contribute to "Motherhood In Focus."

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Photo Credit: Ahna Tessler