Playboy Publishes a Worthwhile Flowchart: When is a Catcall Okay?

Men’s magazines love a good flowchart. Don’t know which online dating site to choose? Make your way to GQ’s handy guide to online dating, complete with an option for giant panda-lovers. Don’t know which team to root for in the World Series (ca. 2013)? Follow Esquire’s flowchart maze to make up your mind. Most recently, Playboy has come out with an infographic that helps people make a fairly quick decision on the issue du jour: Should you catcall her?

The flowchart’s quiz questions are derived from statements that (we assume) usually help men justify a catcall, i.e. “She is dressed up real nice,” and “She looks sad.” But thankfully, if you answer “yes” to either of those, the answer is “Nope. Don’t do it.” The only reasons to catcall a woman, according to Playboy, is if both you and your partner have consensually agreed to shout sexually suggestive comments to each other in public, or if the creature in question is literally a loose feline. Before this flowchart, we might have said no, there is no reason ever to objectify a woman by commenting on her appearance, but here we can agree. We can’t get behind a lot of their other content, but props to Playboy for publicizing this point of view.