Richard 'Prince Charming' Madden on Why This Cinderella Remake is Empowering for Girls

Disney’s new live action update of Cinderella comes to theaters today. Under a modern lens, the classic story seems sexist, with our protagonist waiting to be saved by a prince and succeeding only because she appears rich and beautiful. Leading up to this new version, many wondered whether Disney would inject some feminism into the narrative, especially since it has updated the fairy tale formula in recent years with stories like Brave and Frozen

Actor Richard Madden, who plays the Prince in the new version of Cinderella, argues that this film is an empowered update. At AOL’s BUILD series, he said, “I think Cinderella would be fine without the Prince. That’s why I was interested in this.”

“It was more of a challenge because I had to develop a male character that was worthy of Cinderella’s affections rather than that kind of old-fashioned view of a damsel in distress that needs a man to save her. That’s not relevant, and probably not something we should be telling little girls anymore.”

So how does the old romance come across in this new Cinderella? Madden says, “It’s about two people coming together to bring the best out of each other.”

It’s definitely a good start. But if we got all our wishes granted by a fairy godmother, we’d also want to see these six scenes in the Cinderella remake.