Sexism in Hollywood: A Timeline

The facts are the facts. And unfortunately, those facts are just not telling us what we want to hear because sexism, while prevalent throughout many industries around the world, is a continuous theme in Hollywood.

And while more women are breaking down barriers and establishing themselves in the industry, statistics — not to mention testimonies — are still showing little improvement.

To break it down numerically, data continues to reveal the following:
• "39 percent of protagonists in films from female writers and directors were women, whereas women were 4 percent of the lead characters in films from male filmmakers." (Variety)
• "Male characters were more likely to have work-related goals than personal life-related goals (75/25), but women were split evenly between the two ambitions (48/52)" (TIME)
• "Statistics are at a level worse than what they were in 1998." (We Women)

Even before the 2000s, celebrated female actresses, producers, writers, and others have taken a stand to resolve the issue.

Click through the gallery above to see a timeline of sexism in the industry from 2005 to today and see for yourself the progress that still needs to be made.

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Photo Credit: JB Lacroix/WireImage