Sheryl Sandberg: More Employers Need to Lead ‘Obama-style’

When Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg sat down with Arianna Huffington for a segment on HuffPost Live at Davos, she got real about the issues women face in the workplace. 

“As women, we kind of fall into one of two paths. Either we speak out aggressively and affirmatively and are results focused, and then people often think, she’s not nice, I don’t like her, she’s too aggressive. Or, we’re quiet and spoken over, we’re interrupted more, we take more notes in meetings, we sit in the back of the room more. And that’s really hurting women’s ability to get to leadership.”

This issue inspired Sandberg and Adam Grant to write a piece in the New York Times about the barriers women face when they try to speak up in the workplace. The co-authors also proposed a potential solution, inspired by POTUS. 

When Obama only called on women at a press conference in December 2014, the event became a subject of great commentary at the end of the year. “If he had only called on men, it would have been just another day at the office,” Sandberg noted. But it showed another way to lead, one that Sandberg encourages. “Try Obama-style,” she said. “Try calling on women first.” 

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