Celebrate 200 MAKERS With Us!!!

MAKERS is thrilled to announce that we have reached 200 MAKERS on! Read More »

Living Role Models

Spending a good deal of time on college campuses, enmeshed in the world of contemporary women's issues, I am continually shocked at how little source material there is on the women's movement in America.  Read More »

The Making of MAKERS

Almost eight years ago, I went to Gloria Steinem in the hope of doing a film on her life. And Gloria, in her egoless way, declined. For Gloria, her story had meaning only as part of a collective of stories. Read More »

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Selecting the Groundbreakers

100 groundbreaking women.  It sounds like a lot until you take a look at the facts.  Over the past 50 years, there have been thousands and thousands of women on the frontlines of this historic movement for human rights. Read More »

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Welcome to MAKERS: Women Who Make America, an unprecedented digital video initiative.  Read More »

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