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Celebrate 200 MAKERS With Us!!!

MAKERS is thrilled to announce that we have reached 200 MAKERS on! With the launch of new MAKER WNBA trailblazer Lisa Leslie, we have hit a... Read More »

Living Role Models

Spending a good deal of time on college campuses, enmeshed in the world of contemporary women's i ues, I am continually shocked at how little source m... Read More »

The Making of MAKERS

They say that good things often come out of rejection. This project is certainly evidence of that. Almost eight years ago, I went to Gloria Steinem in... Read More »

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Selecting the Groundbreakers

100 groundbreaking women. It sounds like a lot until you take a look at the facts. Over the past 50 years, there have been thousands and thousands o... Read More »

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Welcome to MAKERS: Women Who Make America, an unprecedented digital video initiative. Over the last half century, the work of women has altered virtua... Read More »

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