Amy Richards

My Friend Gloria Steinem

"She from the get-go said to me, 'what you have to say matters.' I think that makes each of us in some ways a better person." I first met Gloria Stein... Read More »

WATCH: Gloria Steinem's Advice to Young Women from the 92 St Y MAKERS Event

In the spirit of Women's History Month, MAKERS Gloria Steinem, Amy Richards, Anu Bhagwati and Reshma Saujani and Executive Producers Betsy West and Dy... Read More »

More From the Red Carpet! So Many MAKERS at the "MAKERS: Women Who Make America" Premiere

Last week, MAKERS from all acro the country gathered in New York City to celebrate the upcoming documentary "MAKERS: Women Who Make America," which w... Read More »

Sharing Female Empowerment With Fifth Grade Girls

I make part of my living as a profe ional "speaker" -- that is I get to travel acro the country giving lectures, primarily to college students. Mostl... Read More »

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Inside the MAKERS Bay Area Screening

On a beautiful Tuesday evening, MAKERS visited Silicon Valley, hosting a gathering on the stunning grounds of the Rosewood Hotel in Menlo Park. Many o... Read More »

5 Views on Current Challenges Facing Women

In 2011, women surpa ed men in gaining advanced college and bachelor's degrees, for the first time in American history. And yet, while women have ente... Read More »

5 Views on Mothers

Every MAKER has a wealth of unique and personal experiences that are powerful on their own. How can we combine their experiences to create a multi-fac... Read More »

Living Role Models

Spending a good deal of time on college campuses, enmeshed in the world of contemporary women's i ues, I am continually shocked at how little source m... Read More »