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MAKERS Arianna Huffington, John Legend, And More Have Signed a Global Citizen + CHIME FOR CHANGE Letter On Gender Equality

On International Women's Day, Global Citizen + CHIME FOR CHANGE released a letter signed by 39 prominent influencers to emphasize the importance of achieving gender equality around the world. Read More »

The Best Quotes From Women Who Failed Before They Succeeded

It's tough to reconcile with failure — especially in a society teeming with competition and rewards for "winning" something. But failure and success are incredibly intertwined, and some of the most successful and influential women know that best. Read More »

The Huffington Post Names Lydia Polgreen Editor-in-Chief

The Huffington Post has named Lydia Polgreen its new editor-in-chief. Polgreen has been serving as an associate masthead editor for The New York Times since 2002.  Read More »

This Is What Arianna Huffington Is Selling at Her New Pop-Up Shop

The former editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post and MAKER Arianna Huffington has a new pop-up shop and is selling something you may or may not expect: sleep. Read More »

MAKER Arianna Huffington Introduces Thrive Global

MAKER Arianna Huffington is hoping to turn a good night's sleep into the corporate world's most celebrated productivity tool. Read More »

Get Ready, Arianna Huffington Is Planning a New Media Startup

More than a decade after launching The Huffington Post, MAKER Arianna Huffington has her sights set on a new venture. Huffington, 65, is reportedly in talks with investors about a new media company called Thrive. Read More »

#TalkToMe: Arianna Huffington Opens Up to Her Daughter in This Candid Interview

MAKER and founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, opened up in a recent video interview with her daughter Christina to discuss everything from motherhood struggles she's had to overcome with her Read More »

Salma Hayek: 10 Women Who Changed My Life

"Prophet" star Salma Hayek talks about her heroes and shares who inspires her most. Read More »

Introducing the MAKERS Minute Series

We could not be more excited to debut our new video series, MAKERS Minute.  What is a MAKERS Minute? It's a 60-second clip featuring trailblazing women answering a lightning round of rapid-fire questions.  Read More »

Why Arianna Huffington Wants Women to Thrive (and Sleep)

By Erica Murphy When you think of the word "thrive," what does it mean to you? Read More »