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Hollywood Remembers Mary Tyler Moore As a Female Force of Change

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Women are Thanking Their Birth Control On Twitter, And It's Brilliant

On Wednesday, a chain of "Thank Yous" started spreading across Twitter, all using the same hashtag: #thxbirthcontrol. It’s part of an annual push by, an online birth control support network run by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. Read More »

This Scientific Breakthrough Brings Us One Step Closer to a World With a Male Birth Control Pill

Can you imagine a world in which a man's sperm can be "switched off" in order to prevent it from swimming? A world in which men can take a contraceptive pill that will keep women from getting pregnant, a male alternative to condoms and vasectomies? Read More »

This Website Lets You Compare 17 Birth Control Methods

From assessing the costs to weighing the risks, choosing a birth control method can feel totally overwhelming. In fact, a lot of women don't even know all the options available to them. Read More »