Dena Simmons

Celebrating World Teachers' Day

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The Power of Being Surrounding By MAKERS

As a child growing up in the Bronx, what I knew of the world was limited to the city block where I lived. My two sisters and I spent much of our time... Read More »

More From the Red Carpet! So Many MAKERS at the "MAKERS: Women Who Make America" Premiere

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MAKERS Celebrates Black History Month: What I Learned From My Mother

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The Need for Health Care Advocates

Some mornings, I wake up sad, lost in thoughts about my twin sister, Dana, who has spent the past fifteen years suffering from a rare chronic illne c... Read More »

Handling Bullying in Schools

As a child growing up in the Bronx, violence was my neighbor. I saw it on the news, heard it through the walls of my apartment building, and felt it w... Read More »

We've Added Three New MAKERS

We’ve launched three new MAKERS today - we invite you to explore their incredible stories of perseverance, determination and strength.   Educator, Den... Read More »